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Sunset Locations in Hawkes Bay: Capturing the Magic of Golden Hours

Updated: Feb 6

Ocean, Mountains, Rivers, Orchards, Urban Wall Art,  Farm Paddocks - Hawkes Bay has an incredibly diverse option for you.

In Hawkes Bay, the setting sun paints the sky with hues of gold and amber, creating a magical backdrop for unforgettable photos.

I have my favourite's to share with you also, on top of these!

Sunset Locations Hawkes Bay

The region offers an array of stunning sunset locations, each with its unique charm. Let's explore these enchanting spots to capture the magic of golden hours throughout the year.

Apple and Cherry Orchards (Spring)

September: In the spring, the apple and cherry orchards come alive with vibrant blossoms, creating a dreamy setting for your sunset photos. The warm, soft light of early evening adds a romantic touch to your outdoor shoots.

Vineyards in Bloom (Spring)

October: As the vines awaken, the vineyards in Hawkes Bay offer a fresh and green background for your portraits. The golden hour among the grapevines sets a romantic scene for your photos.

Paddocks and Wildflowers (Spring)

November: Early summer in Hawkes Bay is a time when the paddocks are adorned with colorful wildflowers (also at the ocean in locations). These vibrant settings create picturesque and cheerful scenes for your sunset photoshoots.

Beaches in Bloom (All Year)

December: Hawkes Bay's beaches, like Ocean Beach and Waimarama Beach, come to life during the summer. Sunset photoshoots on the golden sands or by the ocean offer a magical and warm atmosphere.

Tranquil Gardens (Summer, Spring)

January: The botanical gardens come alive during summer, with blooming flowers and serene ponds. The golden hour here is perfect for capturing the tranquility and beauty of the gardens.

Harvest in the Vineyards (Summer, Autumn)

February: As summer wanes, the vineyards are busy with the grape harvest. Sunset photoshoots among the vine rows, with the sun casting a warm glow on the ripening grapes, offer a unique and romantic backdrop.

Autumnal Vistas (Autumn)

March: Autumn is a picturesque season in Hawkes Bay, with vineyards and countryside bathed in rich, warm colors as the leaves change. Sunset photoshoots during this time provide a stunning tapestry of reds, yellows, and oranges.

Rustic Charm (Autumn)

April: Early April retains the colorful foliage of autumn. The golden hour in the vineyards and rural settings is enchanting and captures the essence of the season.

Transitions (Autumn)

May: As autumn transitions to winter, May offers a chance to capture the beauty of change. The bare vines and trees provide a striking backdrop for your photos.

Snowy Peaks (Winter)

June: Winter brings a unique charm to Hawkes Bay. While it may be colder, the landscape transforms with the snow-capped Kaweka Range in the background, making for captivating sunset photos.

Moody Mist (Winter)

July: July is an opportunity to capture the moody and misty charm of Hawkes Bay. Consider a sunset photoshoot in historic or rustic locations to add depth and character to your portraits.

Cozy Indoors (Winter)

August: The last month of winter still provides unique opportunities. Indoor venues like the historic brick cellars at Church Road Winery offer a cozy and romantic atmosphere for your photos.

Hawkes Bay's sunset locations are a journey through the seasons, each offering a different kind of magic.

Whether you prefer the vibrant colors of spring, the warmth of summer, the rich hues of autumn, or the moody beauty of winter, this region has it all.



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