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Hi & Welcome !

I am Monika, the girl behind the camera. I am originally from Slovakia, but since 2014 I call New Zealand my home.

I love experiencing and capturing little moments in life, rather then perfectly posed pictures I love all those in between moments, your laughs, hugs, kisses, silliness...

My photography style is clean and dreamy, I love soft light just before sunset, there is something magical about that golden light!

Let's get a little bit personal...

When you don't see me walking around with my camera, I probably have my hands dirty with sourdough, I am very passionate in bread baking, and I love to cook and ferment things too!

I am a sucker for everything Italian and my goal is to slowly discover all the regions and try all the traditional dishes.


If you are after some adventurous photos, I am your person!


 I have an immense love for nature and won't say no to a good hike, I will climb that mountain with you and take the perfect sunset pictures! (or come on the helicopter!)

Have I mentioned I am a traveler? If you're not from Hawke's Bay. Not a problem! I am keen to travel and get to know other parts of New Zealand.

Oh, recently I have read the plant lady is a new cat lady, that's me, the plant lady :)

If you think I am your kind of person, let's catch up, I can't wait to capture your little-big moments. 

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