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Hidden Gem Locations for Portrait Photography in Hawkes Bay

Updated: Feb 6

When it comes to portrait photography, the right location can make all the difference. While the iconic spots in Hawkes Bay are undoubtedly beautiful, there's something truly magical about discovering hidden gem locations.

From coastal marvels to secret spots only locals know, here are some unique places to capture captivating portraits in Hawkes Bay.

1. Marine Parade, Napier

Marine Parade in Napier is a well-known destination, but it offers more than just a seaside view. The beautiful gardens, fountains, and Art Deco architecture provide a picturesque backdrop for portraits. Early morning or late afternoon light creates a warm and inviting atmosphere for your photos.

2. Secret Spots

Secret locations that you only discover by exploring as a local.

Many options are available, whatever your preference.

3. Parks and Grounds, Hastings

Hastings offer a lush and vibrant setting. The gardens feature a variety of colorful blooms, towering trees, and winding paths, providing an enchanting environment for portrait photography. The changing seasons add different layers of beauty to your shots.

4. Spooky Charm

For a unique and slightly eerie touch, consider a portrait session in an old, abandoned building or a mysterious forest. Hawkes Bay has its share of spooky locations that can add a touch of intrigue and mystery to your portraits. Just make sure you have the necessary permissions for such shoots.

5. Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach is a stunning location that offers a dramatic seascape for your portraits. The vast expanse of golden sands and the ever-changing ocean provide a dynamic and captivating backdrop. Ideal for couples, families, or individuals looking for a dramatic setting.

6. Waimarama Beach

Waimarama Beach is another hidden coastal gem. The golden sands, rolling waves, and the striking cliffs offer a unique environment for portrait photography. The rugged beauty of this location is perfect for capturing moments of romance and adventure.

7. Tukituki River

The Tukituki River is a versatile location for portraits. Its tranquil waters and surrounding landscape provide a peaceful and natural atmosphere. The riverbank, adorned with native flora, offers a serene backdrop that can be transformed into various settings for your photoshoot.

8. Raukawa Falls

Raukawa Falls is a serene waterfall tucked away in a lush forest setting. This hidden gem is a fantastic choice for a unique portrait session surrounded by the soothing sound of rushing water and the tranquility of nature.

9. Craggy Range Sculpture Park

Craggy Range Sculpture Park is a captivating location for creative and artistic portrait photography. The sculptures and the stunning Hawkes Bay landscape blend together to offer a unique, modern, and culturally rich setting for your portraits.

10. Bell Rock

Glorious location, a short hike of around 45 minutes, it's a unique location. When you get the light just right, its like beams of sunshine.

I'll show you where it is too!

Exploring these hidden gem locations in Hawkes Bay can add a unique and enchanting dimension to your portrait photography, capturing the essence of this stunning region.



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